Ecuador – Journal Day 1

Day 1 – May 2, 2014:

Our arrival into Quito, Ecuador was late at night, we were all tired from flying and ready for bed. To my surprise, Quito had just completed a new airport on the outskirts of the city. I noted that the airport did not resemble the Ecuador that I was expecting. In my mind we were going to land on a dirt tarmac and be greeted by local tribesmen,okay, maybe I’m not that naive but thankfully this was not the case at all. The airport was modern and sleek with everything our American airports would have. To me, this was a sign of economic growth and stability in the country.

Onto our Hotel Rio Amazonas. It was a lengthy drive into the heart of Quito as we hopped on the bus and met our tour guide Esteban. He proceeded to greet us with a great excitement and eagerness to share all his knowledge about Ecuador right away. I don’t remember much of that first drive home except for a horrible car wreck on the other side of the road and a seemly treacherous pass over a canyon that swerved around the mountain side.

Our hotel was situated in the heart of Quito near the “tourist” areas, therefore we could eat late because the restaurants stayed open later for us non-Ecuadorians. Once again, I was surprised to find ourselves in a fairly modern hotel with hints of Ecuadorian economic prosperity speckled throughout the rooms. Once again I expected a run down old historic building with little old ladies managing the current affairs of the hotel business, this wasn’t the case either. We were in a modern-ish city in a modern-ish hotel that gave me a reality check into the living conditions of the Ecuadorians.

To cap the night off, my wife and I immediately requested another room in the hotel. It seems that our first room was located directly above club “Louder Than Ever” and we didn’t waste any time exchanging rooms on the first floor for a room on the sixth, this helped a little.

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